Tuesday 6th May, 2014

It's not just on the great plains of Africa, or the depths of the oceans that one can see the deadly spectacle of hunter and prey.  On a very much smaller scale it can be found anywhere - even in a garden.

Photographing these tiny predators takes much time and patience. The spiders are only a few millimetres in length and I need to get the the front of the lens within 7cm of the insect to get frame filling images.

Here are three examples. The first image is of a very sinister looking Scorpion Fly with the carcass of what looks like a solitary bee. These flies are common in the hedgerow. Although they look very much like a  predator, they are actually scavengers, stealing food from the nests of spiders.

The other two images are of Jumping spiders which are also common in our bramble hedge. They catch their prey by stalking and then pouncing.

Craneflies make up the bulk of their prey at the moment.

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